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Licensed Professional Counselor (TX)

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About Me

I am a classical psycho-dynamic therapist which means I believe that the problems we experience today have been developing for a long while, that they are rooted deeply in our past, and that these problems will repeat and probably grow more serious until those old roots are dealt with.

I believe this is why short-term, solution focused, problem-solving type approaches cannot offer lasting solutions-- they do not help us with the deeper, unconscious part of ourselves that causes us to repeat our mistakes and creates our symptoms in the first place.

I believe psycho-dynamic therapists are a very intelligent, creative, compassionate, and extremely well trained type of therapist. Beyond this, they must also undergo personal psychoanalytic training analysis themselves for an extensive period of time if they are to have any hope of doing the work well. Incredibly, most, if not all, other schools of therapy are not known to have such a requirement, i.e., personal therapy for the therapist.

I personally am of the opinion that I would only want to see a therapist who has undergone substantial depth therapy themselves first, before seeing me. First, because then I would have reason to believe my therapist is not burdened with major unrecognized issues themselves that would affect their work with me, and second because my therapist would then have a sound understanding of what the patient experience in therapy is like, and likely would have been humbled to find that, in the quest for truth that is therapy, they themselves are far from perfect, and not so very different from their patients.

Member, Texas Counseling Association, Texas Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, Texas Association for LGBT Issues In Counseling

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Independent practice since 2005

Eight years post-licensure, supervised counseling practice in primary care medical practice--supervision by S. Plizka, MD, Department Chair, Department of Psychiatry, UT-SA, School of Medicine

Post-licensure supervised practice in psycho-dynamic psychotherapy--supervision by D. DeLia, Ph.D., Program Director, Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis.



Certificate in Behavioral Health, Department of Family Medicine, University of Mass, School of Medicine

Certificate of one-year studies, Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis

One Year Fellowship: Psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy, Child Adolescent Program, Houston Psychoanalytic Society


  • Clinical Hypnosis