Evelyn Farrell

Licensed Psychologist (AZ)

4300 N. Miller Rd. Suite 110-11 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 US
7349 N. Via Paseo Del Sur 515-413 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 US

About Me

I am a licensed psychologist practicing in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and it is my privilege and joy to help people that are struggling to cope with psychological issues that keep them from living happy and fulfilling lives. Whether you are dealing with major issues such as severe anxiety, depression, trauma or need help in other areas such as coping with overwhelming stress, breaking old patterns or building healthy relationships, therapy can provide you with a new perspective along with training in techniques that actual do help to make lasting changes that can improve your life.



Specializing in the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety, complicated grief, trauma, crisis intervention, and profession related stress (compassion fatigue).

Professional credentials & affiliations:

State of Arizona Psychologist License #4811

American Psychological Association (APA)

Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA)

Association for Psychological Science (APS)

Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT)

International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP)


Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (International Association of Trauma Professionals)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing Therapy--EMDR Institute of America)

Dept of VA and National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinician Training

Compassion Fatigue Specialist (Traumatology Institute)

Cognitive Therapy for Depression (Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy, Phila. PA)

Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety (Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy, Phila. PA).

AMSR: Assessing & Managing Suicide Risk (National Center for Suicide Prevention)

RRSR: Recognizing & Responding to Suicide Risk Clinical Skills Training (AAS)


B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Western Illinois University, Macomb, Ill.

M.Sc, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology, Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

Clinical Internship & Post Doctoral Residency: Institute for Child & Family Development, Mesa, AZ; Evaluation & Development Center, Tucson, AZ; 


  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression
  • Grief Counseling
  • Stress Management
  • PTSD and Trauma
  • Adjustment & Life Transition
  • Relationships