PHILIP massey

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MS)

4576 Hwy 80 West Jackson, MS 39209 US

About Me

Key Qualities:
Possesses a strong background and experience in program development at multiple local hospitals. Very effective
in rapport building and working with a diverse population. Very developed skills in administering Adventure
Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Acclimates well to technology and innovation. Integrates into clinician’s role a wealth of knowledge from involvement in disparate fields of experiences gained from the housing industry, community services, finance, and cultural exposure. An engaging presenter & teacher.
The most salient qualities are his collective wisdom gained from working with addiction and mentally ill clients, faith communities, and hospital settings.


2009 – Present                      Urban Rehab, Inc.                                                           Jackson, MS
Executive Director/Founder
§   Establishing of organizations charter, bylaws, and 501 (c) 3 status. Develop and provide general vision and leadership of group practice. Oversee the department leaders & other essential administrative staff. Create and manage annual budget and company’s payroll. Implement credentialing process for third party payers.  Maintain, manages, and provide direct clinical care to a case load of client’s in need of therapeutic and case management services. Present and market agency at local hospitals, conferences, clinics, etc. Educate and supervisor social work interns in clinical practice setting.
2014 – 2015                     Hinds Behavioral Health Services                                      Jackson, MS
Coordinator of Adult Treatment Team
§  Supervise & manage clinical & support staff of interdisciplinary treatment team, audit records,
§  Initiate & implement policy changes, quality reviews, & maintain a client case load. Implement changes to foster an optimal therapeutic milieu for existing client population. Oversee and manage time reporting for clinical staff. Develop and implement quality assurance projects to assist with enhancing quality of care for clinical services.
2013-2014                          Family First Behavioral Health                                            Flora, MS
Social Worker Behavioral Therapist
§  Group, individual, family therapy. Case management, intakes, assessment & treatment planning performed for clients at an afterschool as well within the public school system. Administering of various therapeutic approached to provide clinical care to school age children suffering from severe mental illness or emotional/behavioral disorders.
2012-2013                            Central MS Prevention Service                                       Vicksburg, MS
Social Worker Behavioral Therapist
§  Group, individual & family therapy was provided to families with children suffering from severe mental illness and emotional/behavioral disorders. Case management, intakes, assessment & treatment planning provided to school age children within an afterschool setting as well as within an alternative school for troubled youth.
2009-2012                            St. Dominic Behavioral Health                                           Jackson, MS
Intensive Outpatient Coordinator
Program development, supervision, assessments, treatment planning, progress & counselor notes,
Group, family, & individual therapy, educational courses, case management, marketing, & aftercare were direct services performed. Groundwork done in the reimplementation of the Intensive Outpatient Program after a period of time with program was put in abeyance. A development of the clinical milieu, recruitment of clinical staff, and creation of policies and procedures to relaunch the program were services render while in this position. Additional work done in marketing and utilization review for payer reimbursement to be achieved.
2001-2003; 2006-2009         Baptist Behavioral Health Systems                                     Jackson, MS
A/D Counselor (Inpatient & Day Outpatient 01’ -03’) (EOP 06’-09’)
Position entailed developing clinical curriculum, conducting social assessments, creating a treatment plan, and providing direct clinical care to client’s participating in treatment. Additional documentations such as: denoting progress, counselor notes, & consultation in the clinical records. Served as a liaison between the administrative staff and the client ran Aftercare Program. Conducted intake screenings, group, family, & individual therapy sessions. Taught psychoeducational courses and provided case management & discharge planning
2004 – Present                      Pro Check Realty, LLC                                                        Clinton, MS
Realtor/Broker Owner (04’-Pres.)
Engage in the sale or residential real estate, management & maintenance; forecasting, budgeting, bookkeeping, & marketing. Property management over 10 residential properties with 5 of the homes being sober living houses for clients suffering from mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders. Implementation of a protocol for cleaning and maintaining facilities. Presentations conducted at Home Buyer Education Workshops and Market Savvy Seminars. Additional, project management services made available for investors in real estate.
2003-2004                       West Jackson Recovery House                                               Jackson, MS
Transitional Living Owner/Program Director
Conducted community project of converting single family house into a 6 bed recovery support home for clients suffering from addiction and mental illness. Efforts were geared towards program development; drug screening; career/financial/discharge planning and budget management. Collaboration was foster with a local church to provide an outlet for worship and spiritual development. Recruitment of nonclinical staff was employed to create a community support team to assist with providing recovery and peer support within a residential setting.
1999 – 2004                       Certified Professional Trainers                                                Clinton, MS
Founding Executive Director/Trainer
§  Established agency as an American Heart Training (AHA) Center for Mississippi. Developed & organized curriculums, lesson plans, & graded tests completed by participants. Issued certificate cards to participants to verify completion of core course material. Taught life safety, CPR, & professional development classes to businesses, schools, & individuals. Integrated new PowerPoint presentations and course videos from the AHA latest upgrades. Conducted Instructor Trainer Workshops, AED Trainings, Behavior Management Courses, and Adventure Based Training. Planned and management purchasing of equipment and overall budget of the agency.
1998-2001                             Mississippi State Hospital                                                 Whitfield, MS
Staff Development Instructor
Develop lesson plans, curriculums, & material for initial & annual training. Set up and conduct classroom presentations and trainings to an employee base of 2500 personnel. Specific tasks were to prepare and implement a general orientation training for new employees for a three week period. Required to train through classroom and online instruction as well as to test existing personnel for competence and proficiency in core skills required to care for severely mentally ill clients. State certification was required to be maintain for courses taught and approved by the Department of Mental Health.
1993-1998                             Mississippi State Hospital                                                 Whitfield, MS
Mental Health Technician CP
Provided direct patient care & charting: progress & sleep cycle of clients that suffered from severe mental illness. Served as a client escort and an active member of an interdisciplinary treatment team. Develop a book reading program and garnered support from the local Pizza Hut’s Book reading program which donated free pizza.
Supervised 12-15 employees. Provided daily client care, monitoring & activities on adolescent’s unit.
1999-2001                         Mississippi Families As Allies                                                Jackson, MS  
Respite Provider
Organized & facilitated activities for children & adolescents with mental/emotional illness. Planned daily routine with child that provide relief for family for several hours in a day. Responsible for coordinating schedule with the parent and providing an itinerary for the day. Goal was to build rapport with the child and provide some individual coaching and mentoring for the time spent with child. Weekly logs were created to track the involvement with clients and progress achieved.
1996-1999                         Charter Behavioral Health                                                     Flowood, MS  
Patient Coordinator (11pm-7am)
Organized, documented, & audited patient records. Services as an active member of an interdisciplinary treatment team. Created routines for clients to perform throughout the day such as calisthenics, table games, sporting competitions, and other therapeutic activities. Facilitated & conducted group & activities for specific units such as: alcohol & drug unit, acute psychiatric unit, adolescents & child unit.
1995 & 2011                      Jackson State University                                                   Jackson, MS
§  MS in Social Work: Graduated 2011 (G.P.A. 3.80) BS in Psychology: Graduated 1995 (G.P.A. 3.40)
1993                                     University of Kentucky                                                  Lexington, KY
§  Research in the Sciences and in Minority & Women Studies 1993 (G.P.A. 4.00)
§  1990                                             Lakeland College                                                              Sheboygan, WI
§  Pre-law studies with an emphasis on the Criminal Justice System (G.P.A. 3.40)
1998                             Wesley Theological Seminary                                                Jackson, MS
§  Completed semester of Graduate work in Christian Ed. & Counseling
2009-Current          Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals                Jackson, MS
§  CADC II Certification for Addiction Professionals  ID#: AD09-046M
2011-2015                MS State Board of Examiners for SW/MFT                               Jackson, MS
§  LMSW: Licensed Master Social Worker    LS#: M7217
     2016-Present             MS State Board of Examiners for SW/MFT                                      Jackson, MS
§  LCSW: Licensed Certified Social Worker  LS#: C7217


  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Addiction
  • ADHD (child and adolescent)
  • Oppositional-defiant Disorder
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder