James N Kraut

Licensed Psychologist (FL)

2855 North University Drive Suite 200 Coral Springs, FL US

About Me

Have you ever noticed how much the way you feel is influenced by how connected you are with the world around you? So often, the pain and discomfort we experience in life drives us inward, resulting in lives that lack the animation and spark that exists for those of us who live more socially rich, interactive lives. It becomes a vicious cycle. When we're anxious or depressed, feeling empty and adrift in our lives, we tend to be disconnected from others and stuck inside ourselves. Our daily experience is lacking in direction and purpose.

Bottom line: We need real connection!

Human change is dramatically accelerating, locally, nationally and globally - some good, some bad, but all very fast! Much of our human family is becoming increasingly fear driven - isolated, desensitized and easily enraged. But there's also great movement toward a more conscious, inclusive way of life. It can at times be a stressful, turbulent experience. More than ever, my patients come in with concerns about the world around them.

My responsibility as your therapist is ultimately to help you become comfortable enough, through our process together, to accomplish your goals. I'll assist you with your inner life - becoming more comfortable with who you are - and with rising to the challenge of thriving in an increasingly stressful and complex world.


25 years - private practice
6 years - teaching meditation
12 years - specializing in high end autism
5 years - mentor for doctoral students in psychology
2.5 years - training in Jungian psychotherapy
Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) 1992 Nova University


  • Depression
  • Stress Management