Babita Spinelli

Licensed Psychoanalyst (NY)


About Me

As a skilled and compassionate psychotherapist, I customize my approach to each unique client and the challenges you would like to address.



I am a Licensed Psychotherapist based in New York City. I have extensive clinical and academic experience in adult and couples therapy. My credentials include, but are not limited to:

EMDR Level 1 and Level 2

Gottman Level 1 and Level 2

National Institute for the Psychotherapies - 5 year clinical and academic training

Private Practice NY and NJ


New York University - Undergraduate

Temple University - Graduate

National Institute For the Psychotherapies - 5 year Advanced Clinical Program


  • Women's Issues and Health
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Marriage and Relationship Counseling
  • Anxiety and Depression

Services Offered

Session Type / Duration

  • Couples / 60 Minutes
  • Individual therapy session / 45 Minutes