Mignon Rogers MD

Doctor of Medicine (CA, UT)

Salt Lake City, UT US
Los Angeles, CA US
Park City, UT US

About Me

Providing the support you need for successful weight loss, prevention and reversal of chronic health problems including chest pain, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, allergies, liver disease, and many common skin problems, is what I do. The common thread here is that these conditions all respond to lifestyle changes: what you eat, why you eat, activity, social engagement, and life enhancing activities. Making the change is the challenge. Proper interventions are the keys. Often there are emotional and self care issues that must be addressed before success can be achieved. Knowing what really works is a big part of moving forward. Together, we can design a program that works, and I will help you identify the most successful methods to achieve your goals.


17 years of experience and success in helping people understand and overcome blocks to good health. Weight loss intervention that results in 10-20lb of fat reduction monthly. Lifestyle interventions that reverse heart disease, skin problems, difficulty breathing, diabetes, and many causes of pain.
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
  • USC-Keck Family Practice Residency
  • Institute of Functional Medicine
  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Siddha-Veda Private Training with Master Pankaj Naram

Services Offered

Session Type / Duration

  • Consultation / 30 Minutes
  • Educational engagement / 45 Minutes
  • Follow up visit / 15 Minutes