Margo Gasta, DCNc, RDN, CCH Margo Gasta

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Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (CO)

2935 Baseline Rd. 302 Boulder, CO 80303 US

About Me

I am an integrative and functional medicine dietitian at the doctoral level. I am also a Certified Classical Homeopath. I am passionate about helping people regain their health through nutrition. I take a very caring and compassionate approach with my clients and take the time to provide a thorough analysis of their nutritional status in order to design a high quality customized nutrition plan unique to their health journey.


I help people with chronic health issues who have exhausted conventional medicine options and want to take control of their health with nutrition so they can get back to living a productive, joyful life.

I work with pain conditions, intestinal issues, mental health concerns and binge eating. See below for more information.

I provide nutrition support and education for:
Gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, celiac, crohn's and UC
Joint and muscle pain
Autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia type symptoms
Neurological concerns
Weight loss and binge eating
Memory, concentration and learning issues
Depression, anxiety, insomnia
Thyroid, adrenal and other hormone concerns
Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition
Integrative and Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Certified Classical Homeopath
28 years experience