Carl Baccellieri

Licensed Professional Counselor (CO)

Boulder, CO US

About Me

By exploring and consciously re-engaging their past, clients gain insight into their motivations and behavior.

By developing a stance of authentic presence, the moment comes alive as a place where deep healing, true integrity and responsible freedom become real possibilities.

By exploring client values and dreams, the future is re-claimed as a co-creative project of self-expression and personal fulfillment


Over 20 years of experience facilitating personal healing and life transformation as a therapist and a leadership coach.

I serve Living Well Transitions in its mission as a mindfulness based young adult launching program, as its Executive Director and as a therapist working directly with our clients.
Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy (Naropa University, 1997)

Advanced training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy direct from Steve Hayes, Kelly Wilson and other founders.

Transformational NLP training through the NLP Marin school, directly from Carl Buchheit.

Authentic Leadership Certification through Naropa University

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Transformational nlp session / $225 / 90 Minutes