Kent A. Tompkins

Licensed Professional Counselor (CO)

2216 Scotch Pine Ct Loveland, CO 80538 US

About Me

Our vulnerability can be transformed from something fearful to something open, transparent and unencumbered. We are offered an opportunity to reconnect with our natural selves, a direction we can trust because it connects directly with our deepest authenticity.  

​I offer solid clinical skills combined with neurosciences, seasoned experience (in private practice) and a solution-focused approach. You will learn deeper access to your somatic experiences, which leads to mind-body integration.

Born and raised in western Colorado and deeply steeped in nature. I've operated wilderness therapy programs, and will assign homework to help you learn to follow the signals the natural world offers continually.


23 years in Colorado and New Mexico as a Transpersonal licensed therapist. Many years of residence and study in various indigenous cultures. Extensive group facilitation and teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Prostate cancer survivor via naturopathic and holistic healing. Providing therapy and support now in these areas of healing and intervention.

Clinical hypnotherapist, EMDR parts I&II certified.

Undergraduate: U. of Northern Colorado in talented/gifted consulting. Graduate work primarily at UNC, then completed at Adams State University. Licensed as LPC in CO in 1994. Later added clinical hypnotherapy and EMDR II credentials. Extensive forensics experience in assessment and treatment of psychopathology and sex offenders.

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Couples conjoint session / $150 / 90 Minutes
  • Couples conjoint session / $100 / 60 Minutes
  • Family session / $175 / 90 Minutes
  • Group session / $40 / 60 Minutes
  • Group session / $50 / 90 Minutes
  • Individual therapy session / $100 / 60 Minutes
  • Individual therapy session / $150 / 90 Minutes
  • Intake / $100 / 60 Minutes