Dr. Fabiana Franco

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About Me

Are you feeling worried, depressed, anxious, frustrated, fearful, or stressed? Are your fears and worries inhibiting you from being where you would like to be? I strongly believe in developing a safe and accepting therapeutic relationship where you can work through the issues that are holding you back to build a better future. Are you experiencing relationship difficulties, suffering from an addiction, struggling with work or school challenges, or having trouble with parenting or family conflicts? Are you having difficulties eating or sleeping? I'll work with you to identify and resolve the core issues that are keeping you stuck.

In therapy, we will use a customized approach based on what works for you and your situation that focuses on your unique challenges. I will work with you to change the patterns that are affecting your ability to have fulfilling relationships, be your best self, and move forward.

I work with adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families of all backgrounds with depression, anxiety, trauma, C-PTSD, grief/loss, work concerns, and more. There are many ways to heal and promote growth and I look forward to helping you find your path to healing for a better life.


Dr. Franco has a wide range of clinical experience. She was the mental-health coordinator for Neuva Vida, a non-profit organization for Latino women with breast cancer. She has conducted and continues to conduct diagnostic psychological evaluations for a number of companies, attorneys, and for private referrals.

As a clinical professor, Dr. Franco supervises doctoral research and regularly presents the results of clinical research at conferences. In her private practice, Dr. Franco has helped clients recover from a wide range of mental health problems for more than a decade. She is actively engaged and interested in behavioral medicine.

Dr. Franco has lived in four countries and speaks fluent Spanish, Italian, French and Portuegese, as well as English.
Dr. Fabiana Franco earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from George Washington University in 2003 and has been a clinical professor of psychology there since 2006. She has presented her research in several articles and presentations.

Dr. Franco makes sure to do ongoing training to keep her skills and knowledge as up to date as possible. She has attended nearly 40 workshops and seminars since attaining her doctorate.


  • Depression
  • Anger Management
  • Relationships