LCPC licensed Clinic Professional Counselor (ME)

Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor (ME)

185 Harlow St. 7 Bangor, ME 04401 US

About Me

Therapy needs to be relaxed, personalized, informative, and at times, laughter provoking. I do what I can to keep things easy flowing, thorough, and geared towards your specific goals. My goal is to help you discover your direction and motivations in life. I can help you learn to resolve conflict, learn more about yourself and your needs, and help you to create and utilize relapse prevention, daily self-care plans and more.

Dialogue will involve a non-biased ear to listen and provide support along with mental health education aimed at personal growth and change. There may even be what some of my more colorful clients have lovingly deemed, “calling you on your shit," chats. Do not worry! I'm not vicious! Our dialogue will be lighthearted and informative, but real; anything less would most likely not serve you.

While I have worked with almost every diagnosis and/or human concern my experience and expertise are with Substance Abuse and Addiction and the LGBTQ Community.

**If you are interested in services with Einstein please visit his website [einsteintherapy.com] and fill out the information under the 'Referral' tab. Once this information is reviewed Einstein will contact you regarding scheduling, in person or via this teletherapy platform.



Einstein Hickman is a clinical therapist and addictions counselor with his own private practice, Einstein Therapy LLC, within central Maine. He is a graduate of the University of Maine with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Education.


Einstein’s areas of concentration is with at risk populations and communities that carry heavy culturally constructed and at times socially reinforced stigma and misinformation. He has worked with various at risk populations such as the Transgender and Queer communities, Veterans, individuals with heavy narcotics addiction, and complex trauma.


Einstein has over five-years of experience working for an acute psychiatric facility where he facilitated diagnostics and intensive individual and group therapy.

Einstein facilitates a variety continuing education opportunities for professionals and members of the community. He has lectured for various universities and colleges as well as Nursing and Counseling Associations, SAMHSA [the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration], Yale School of Psychiatry, and NAMI [National Alliance on Mental Illness]. Einstein has also participated and held office in nonprofit Community Outreach and Advocacy organizations.

> Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Education

> Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

> Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor


  • Addiction
  • LGBT Issues
  • Gender Identity and Dysphoria
  • Career & Personal Coaching
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Clinical therapy / mental health counseling (self-pay) / $80 / 50 Minutes
  • Clinical therapy / mental health counseling (with insurance) / $100 / 50 Minutes
  • Gender therapy (self-pay) / $80 / 50 Minutes
  • Gender therapy (with insurance) / $100 / 50 Minutes
  • Substance abuse and addictions counseling (self-pay) / $80 / 50 Minutes
  • Substance abuse and addictions counseling (with insurance) / $100 / 50 Minutes