Elizabeth N. Kopp

M.S. Psychology/Life Coach (AZ)

Glendale, AZ 85306 US

About Me

I am a mother of one child and in my free time, I enjoy jogging, hiking, yoga, and reading. I occasionally enjoy some type of art or craft, singing, and shopping. I am a learner of both life and academics. I feel that we never truly stop learning and should never stop, there is so much to know and explore! :) I was raised under a foundational belief system, however, I prefer to stay non-denominational (I keep faith out of coaching sessions unless a client brings it up). I have lived with my family for most of my life, yet I had a few years where I did my own thing and learned about what the world can throw at you. I believe that obstacles create strength when overcome and most times we need a good support system to help us get through them.



In my very early years, I had worked in our family automotive part supply shop, call centers, retail, front desk in a small (at the time) sheet metal shop, customer service (phones), medical claims, and data entry (cubicle jobs). I have worked in businesses as small as >25 employees all the way up to Fortune 500 companies with 200k+ employees. During these experiences, I attended school for psychology and found my ultimate gift was helping others. All through these jobs, I have given advice to my fellow coworkers and friends on how to improve their life situations. I love seeing people succeed and achieve their life goals which creates a more positive environment for everyone.


M.S. in Psychology with an emphasis on Life Coaching at Grand Canyon University (GCU) - January 2019

B.A. in Psychology with minor in Social & Behavioral Sciences from Arizona State University (ASU) - May 2014


  • Life Coaching

Services Offered

Session Type / Duration

  • Brief session-15 (phone/video/im) / 15 Minutes
  • Brief session-30 (face to face) / 30 Minutes
  • Brief session-30 (phone/video/im) / 30 Minutes
  • Free consultation- 15-30 / 30 Minutes
  • Full session- 60 (face to face) / 60 Minutes
  • Full session- 60 (phone/video) / 60 Minutes