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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NY)


About Me

Reimagining Alcohol/Drug Use & Treatment; for the 21st Century & Beyond
Hello: I’m Tim
  • I’m Licensed in  - Clinical Social Work
  • I’m Certified in  -  Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
  • Hypnotherapy / Breath Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Collaborating with Alcohol & Drug-free Adults & their Family Members, I Facilitate Permanently Eliminating the Compulsion to Use and/or the Restoration of “Full-Aliveness”.
During my 20-years as a therapist & workshop facilitator, I came to realize just how Needlessly Complicated the disciplines known as contemporary traditional “psychology” & “religion” are. More importantly, I came to realize how astonishingly ineffective most psychology traditions & religions are at facilitating any reasonably significant or enduring restoration of health. 
In contrast, my being exposed to particular psychological ideas & alternative methods of healing, has resulted in my realizing how simple the resolution of; most, mental & spiritual conflicts & emotional distress actually is.In response to these astonishing discoveries, I offer & facilitate xperiences that produce extraordinary healing. I, also, seek to advance understanding & mindset regarding:
1.  The Primary, Originating Cause of; most, spiritual & mental conflicts & emotional distress
2. The Relative Simplicity of Treating most spiritual &
mental health situations & emotional distress
3. The; Increasingly Available, Therapies that work; nearly, every time  
Why I Offer These Healing & Restorative Xperiences     
I offer these healing & restorative xperiences because many persons who have depended on alcohol & drugs have xperienced such a conflicted existence that they continue to fear they will someday succumb to the compulsion to use. As well, they rarely, achieve “Full Aliveness”. If said persons are to release; an often times, firmly entrenched, relentless grasp of “Merely Surviving their Earthly Xperience;” & Re-engage their Fair-chance at Living their Passions, Purpose & Visions; the Very Best of Mature, Spot-on Assistance & Guidance & Therapy; as needed, are INDISPENSABLE.


I've practiced for 19 years. The past 16 have been in Private Practice. I've specializing in facilitating the permanent resolution of Alcohol/Drug Use situations. I've facilitated such resolutions in both individual & group formats; either in person or via teleconference.
  • Basic NLP Cert. (2017)
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (2017)
  • Integration Concepts (2005) - Advanced Breathwork
  • Wellness Inst. (2003) - Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Syracuse University (1998) - Master of Social Work
  • Empire State College (1996) -
  • BS in Human Development

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