Licensed Professional Counselor Trudy Frye

Licensed Professional Counselor (TX)

About Me


        I believe that life is a journey and that sometimes on that journey, we “get lost” and confused or we come up against “obstacles” that we have trouble getting around. We can also have things happen to us that are difficult if not almost impossible to deal with alone. Then we need a “guide”. Someone to accompany you on the journey who can help you “find your way” or help you “get around the obstacles”. Someone who has studied and can teach or suggest methods that you can try to “get you unstuck” and help you find your way back to a meaningful, fulfilling and productive life.

        I would like help you find your way back to a meaningful, productive and fulfilling life. The way I see it is that my job is to walk beside you, listen to your story and your concerns and then to draw from the literature I have studied and from what those wiser than me have taught me and my own personal life experiences on this journey to help you on your journey.

        Some of the issues I specialize in are counseling for drug and alcohol addiction and the underlying causes of addiction, depression, anxiety, or any other things that are making your life journey difficult. I have studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and like it because it gives you “tools” to use but I am somewhat eclectic in that I will recommend using whatever I believe will work best for you personally.

        I believe that when you come to counseling, you come with the hope that you will get help, but it is also up to you to do the work required to recover. I will work with you to help you recover. (Will work with you on a sliding scale related to your income, if necessary)



Trudy Frye 

MA in Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor 

Plainview TX 79072




Master of Arts--Psychology--GPA--3.5


Licensed Professional Counselor

Specialize in Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Loss and Addiction mental health issues. Will soon be certified as

a Substance Abuse Professional and Master Addiction Counselor to counsel employees who have had DUI charges in accordance with DOT standards and requirements.


Alpha Chi--(University Honor Society)

Kappa Delta Pi--(Honor Society for Education Students)

Chi Sigma Iota--(International Honor Society in Counseling)

Who's Who among University Students

References can be provided if needed


  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Addiction
  • Grief Counseling

Services Offered

Session Type / Rate / Duration

  • Individual / $50 / 50 Minutes