Pamela Smith-Noel

WeCounsel University

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (ME, CA)

Rockland, ME US
Orinda, CA 94563 US
Rockland, ME 04841 US

About Me

My name is Pamela Smith-Noel. I am a down to earth provider of therapy services to people who are having  difficulty in life. I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist who can run tests and sometimes prescribe medicine to treat people although I am able to assess the potential need for medicine and suggest referrals. My work is to address your need to consider therapy and help you to make choices. In fact, helping you make choices or simply listening to you and guiding you with my tools of the trade is what I do best. I am not the kind of therapist who employs Freudian like process where I say essentially nothing and let your unconscious mind manifest solutions. Not at all. I talk and share ways you can begin to look at the issues in your life, provide tools to try and help you move through and forward with your life in a more satisfied way.I do not consider myself the expert. I see us as equals exploring the landscape of your life, your heart and your soul, or that which does  impedes a happier life.

We would work via internet and should you decide to try this, I have an advanced certificate in Telemedicine to help you use  this from your home to my office. .Imagine the ease and confidentiality of this method. Frankly, it is the wave of the future and many of your physicians and others will be using this modality!

A bit about me. I am a licensed clinical social worker with almost twenty years of experience. I worked in a mental health facility for ten years. After that, I left the agency and started a private practice. I was very successful, helping people with trauma,family matters, addiction, military service members and more. I have survived three cancers, one causing symptoms of traumatic brain issues, I am, then,, life experienced as well as educated.

Most recently I have been trained and have a certificate as an advanced certified Telebehavioral Health Provider. Most recently I have been doing critical incident stress debriefing for first responders and companies affected by disruptive workplace events.

So, that is my professional biography . Contact me  if you think I might help. I offer a free brief consultation for you. I hope to talk with you and focus on your interest in therapy.


  • Twenty years of experience as a therapist.
  • Excellent at making connections and helping people determine the next step using a road map that will take you to a better way of living.
  • I am trained to assist people with cancer and other life changing medical health issues.
  • I also am trained to address trauma and how to cope in the aftermath
  • Currently offering internet therapy to people in Maine and California, confidentiality, and privacy protected.

I am an Advanced Certified Telebehavioral Health Practitioner and have trained to help you be comfortable using the internet.

I have a Bachelor's and Master's degree.

My Maine license number is #LC6887 and

My California license number is #75382.

I was trained to teach Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder and for coping and self soothing of people who have never mastered these basic skills.It is similar to CBT skills and I teach those also.

I have been trained to use EMDR in my practice.

I have trained many hours in addiction studies.

I have trained in cancer coaching.

I have had years of crisis intervention and I can help you to self-evaluate and make a safety plan to help you keep yourself safe.



  • Anxiety and Depression

Services Offered

Session Type / Duration

  • Group dbt therapy / 90 Minutes
  • Individual psychotherapy / 60 Minutes
  • Initial session / 30 Minutes
  • Intake and evaluation / 90 Minutes